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Date: 18-20 October 2018.
Venue: Dlamini Multi-Purpose Centre  

Ekasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo

E-kasi Tech festival is where small businesses, start-ups with revolutionary ideas meet, policy makers, investors, incubators and technology providers, where brand marketers who need to stay ahead meet creatives who bring ideas to life, and products to market.

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Find out more of how we really do things here in the Ekasi Tech Festival & Gaming Expo 2018.

In its endeavour to provide an international platform for the youth to showcase their talents and skills in fierce competitions, displaying cutting edge technology and research from all over the kasi, having world renowned Kasinalities (personalities) motivate the youth and promoting solutions to alleviate the common man of his banal yet significant problems, e-Kasi Techfest strives for one and all to get inspired and look up to. s.

After 22 years of democracy, the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality still remain within the landscape of South African townships. The expectation that the post-apartheid dispensation would bring with it economic freedom still remains unrealised. Transformation is a critical policy goal to achieve equal participation in the economy and is not an issue of race alone, it has to be looked at from a broad industry perspective in terms of ownership, decision-making, business practices and the society within which it operates.

There is an increasing number of black youth and SMME's being at risk of exclusion from the digital economy and digital society in which we live in, which if not adequately addressed will further reinforce and deepen the current existing socio-economic landscape in the country.

The township economy in South Africa has seen a substantial growth since the dawn of democracy and the penetration of Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) has played a role in facilitating the rise of digital entrepreneurs in the township. However there remains huge untapped potential in the townships, this potential is further illustrated by a study conducted by the World Bank on Economics of South Africa, it states "South Africa’s growth potential lies in its townships and in promoting convergence with the formal advanced parts of the economy" (World Bank, 2014). Therefore to this end, the need to understand the nature of the firm and its actors in delivering the promise of a better life cannot be understated hence the need for this initiative.

There is a need therefore for continuous and sustainable transformation that adds value to the economy at large and for the country to realise an inclusive growth



The line up is quite amazing and its something you cant miss out!


Soweto Community Cup

Fifa and Takken 7.


MCounter Strike (CS:GO)

All Exhibition Match.


Indie Game Developers


Arcade Games


Gaming Industry thought leaders


Virtual & Augment reality Experience

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